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Human Capital Analytics & the Workforce of the Future

LMI is an industry leader in helping federal agencies rapidly improve engagement scores, find, and cultivate the right workforce to achieve agency mission success, and leverage advanced technologies to retain engaged federal workforces.

  • Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Talent Ignite™

    Talent Ignite™ is an artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) powered talent management application with a suite of interoperable modules for deployment separately or in any combination to augment your human resource (HR) or talent management systems. 

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Sync with Sinc: Leadership Q&A with RADM (ret.) Sinclair Harris

LMI’s RADM (ret.) "Sinc" Harris, former commander of U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command / U.S. Fourth Fleet discusses leadership lessons learned from over 40 years of military, corporate, and non-profit service. 

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Tips from the Top: Senior Federal Leadership Journeys

LMIers Karen Britton, former White House CIO and special assistant to the President, and Julius "J.D." Spain, former senior legislative advisor, United States Marine Corps discuss practical leadership lessons derived from decades of service at the highest levels of the federal government. 

  • Five Practices for Building Resilience — For You And Your Team

    LMI understands the challenges faced in virtually managing others and maintaining resiliency in the midst of unknown and constant change. 

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  • LMI’s DEIA Maturity Model Helps Organizations Build on Strengths, Improve Weaknesses

    At LMI, we know that complicated topics are best addressed by honoring complexity, instead of trying to erase it. 

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  • To Improve Federal Workplace Morale, Simple Civility is Not Enough

    Building an inclusive, positive work environment that enables cohesion and collaboration requires not just civility, but “active” civility.   

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  • Managing the Return to Onsite Work: There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

    We can support leaders with coaching and work with teams to help them through the necessary transitions, and build habits that will drive organizational resiliency.  

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  • How Guided Conversations Can Help Leaders with Challenging Topics and Result in Positive Actions

    For years, LMI has been helping government clients with diversity and inclusion coaching and training, and, more recently, with COVID-19, telework, social equity, and justice.  

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  • Call on Your Coach to Help You And Your Team Navigate These Challenging Times

    LMI’s one-on-one coaching can help you as an individual leader, and our team coaching can guide your leadership teams through new mediums and challenge, to collectively advance the organization.  

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  • Strategies and Tactics for Engaging High, Medium and Low Performers

    Statistically speaking, engaged workers are 25% more productive than their average peers. However, disengaged workers have 37% more absenteeism and make 60% more errors. So, how do you keep highly engaged employees happy, move employees in the middle to a higher level, and address those exhibiting low engagement to improve the team’s performance and progress toward goals and mission? 

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  • Managing up to Achieve Success for You, Your Supervisor, and Your Organization

    LMI has experts who are certified in using assessments such as DiSC and have used them to help thousands of government leaders, managers, and employees to work together more effectively. We can provide classroom training and workshops for groups that help each person make Action Plans based on their DiSC profile report. 

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  • To Improve FEVS Scores, Take a Deeper Dive into the “eh”

    Whether you’re managing a small office or an entire organization, look for ways to improve your Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) scores across the board — not just in the negative areas.  

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OrgIQ: Solving Workforce Challenges

OrgIQ: Solving Workforce Challenges

In today’s ever-changing society, organizations are constantly facing increasingly complex tasks, evolving technologies, and uncertain budgets. Leaders and managers are in constant need of identifying where issues lie within organizations, where they can improve processes and opportunities, and how they can reduce redundancy and inefficient procedures. LMI has developed an innovative workforce tool that helps identify organizational pain points and identify future challenges without extensive, drawn-out data collection processes.  

<h2>Think Fast. Solve Smarter. </h2>

Think Fast. Solve Smarter. 

Innovation at the Pace of Need™  

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    We are building Human Capital Analytics solutions across the spectrum of analytic maturity for our customers. We deliver everything from descriptive people analytics dashboards to complex model factories and predictive analytics tools that help our customers better plan for their workforce now and in the future!

    Ashley Jung

    Vice President, Human Capital Solutions

Ashley Jung

Vice President, Human Capital Solutions 571-480-4200

Ashley Jung

Vice President, Human Capital Solutions