Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our approach to applied AI includes MLOps, the practice of integrating machine learning models into production environments in a streamlined and scalable way.

At LMI, we partner our data scientists with functional experts who have a deep understanding of your agency’s problems and business processes. By leveraging MLOps, government agencies can ensure that their machine learning models perform optimally while minimizing risk and ensuring compliance with regulations. With our interdisciplinary approach and deep expertise in applied AI and MLOps, we are well-equipped to help government agencies transform their operations and achieve their goals. 

Keith Rodgers Headshot

Keith Rodgers

Sr. Vice President, Digital & Analytic Solutions 571-633-7806

Keith Rodgers

Sr. Vice President, Digital & Analytic Solutions

Keith brings nearly two decades of experience in leveraging innovative techniques to assess organizational performance and challenges.

  • Innovation at the Pace of Need™


    LMI's LIGER™ (LMI Instruction-tuned GEnerative Resource) effort outlines a research and development strategy to develop and deploy compute-accessible LLMs and integrate them with domain-relevant solutions that respect data privacy and satisfy known customer challenges.

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  • The New Speed of Possible™

    Forge™ Technology Studio

    Leveraging agile methods and human-centered design, the Forge™ empowers us to deliver technology solutions rapidly. 

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  • What We Do

    Harnessing Sensor Data

    More and more sensors are adding to exabytes of data collection each day. However, capturing this data is only part of making it useful. With an integrated end-to-end process for sensor technology, data is transformed from information to answers.

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