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Business & Digital Transformation

LMI takes customers on a tailored digital transformation journey, ranging from small digital enhancements to enterprise-wide transformations, to help quickly and successfully realize the full value of digital modernizations.

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LMI’s Digital Transformation 

We’ll take you on a digital transformation journey. We all know technology isn’t slowing down. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality are here to stay. 


Are you accelerating into the technology to keep pace with customer demands, to remain agile and resilient, and to innovate faster?  


We’ll help you identify the value-added digital solutions, from small digital enhancements to enterprise-wide transformations, that will deliver fast results and reduce risk. 

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LMI’s AdoptIT™

At LMI, we help our clients undergo transformation by implementing a robust adoption and change management strategy, which now includes a new prototype called AdoptIT™.

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LMI: We Are Humanly (HCD)

Continuous customer engagement is incredibly powerful in achieving optimized government functionality. This involves critical innovation that needs to happen faster and more often. A human-centered design (HCD) framework engages individuals for organizational innovation.

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  • OSD Maintenance and Availability Warehouse Digital Transformation

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    LMI helped the Office of the Secretary of Defense aggregate over 1B maintenance records across the services from over 50 systems to have a clear understanding of the DoD’s readiness and the associated costs to drive improved decision making. 

  • GSA Public Building Services Digital Transformation

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    LMI helped GSA PBS consolidate over 500 IT applications and develop an IT support strategy to streamline building operations across their portfolio of 9,000 buildings in order to reduce their  IT spend while continuing to provide superior value as a top real estate organization.

  • Podcast

    Bettina Kolleda discussed a phased approach to modernization and attributes that drive a great digital transformation outcome for government on "The Government Huddle" podcast.

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LMI is the place for people who … 

… think big and imagine greater, creating better solutions to today’s toughest challenges. 

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