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LMI delivers innovative health solutions for mission impact at the pace of need, enabling our federal health, military health, and VA customers to thrive while adapting to modern mission needs.

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Health IT Solutions

  • Turning Supply Chain Risks into Decisive Action

    LogSmart™ Supply offers the industry's most complete insight into the impacts of supply chain risks and mitigation strategies. Turn your risk data into decisive action. 



    About Supply Chains
  • Forge™

    LMI Forge™ builds scalable technology solutions for our customers. We leverage agile methods and human-centered design for our offering development to rapidly deliver technology solutions that facilitate connections with the federal market and engage users.

    More About Forge™
  • Three Considerations for VA and DHA Digital Transformation

    The transformation will improve organizations and patient outcomes. The transformation will improve organizations and patient outcomes.

    About Digital Transformation
  • LMI Selected to Support FDA BOOM BPA

    LMI will support the FDA through the BOOM BPA, in optimizing and modernizing its business operations to align with strategic priorities and increase the effectiveness of FDA organizations.

    About the FDA BOOM BPA
  • Joint Health Risk Management (JHRM) for Defense Health

    Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), we can make predictions about health consequences for the warfighter and deployed civilian personnel before they occur.

    About Defense Health
  • March: National Ethics Awareness Month and the Use of a Medicare Voluntary Advance Directive Framework

    Driving innovation for a better tomorrow, LMI offers advanced analytics and digital capabilities and a dedication to enhancing public health, making it a uniquely qualified choice to develop a Medicare Voluntary Advance Directive Framework. 

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  • LMI’s Approach to Improving Government Supply Chains

    Supply chains are rapidly changing. Knowing how to make supply chains efficient and effective is more important than ever, but sometimes the challenge is knowing what to focus on and which practices to implement. 

    About Our Approach
  • The FDA Vaccine Approval Process: Areas Ripe for Improvement

    We can apply the lessons from the COVID pandemic to vaccine and treatment submissions moving forward. Here’s how.

    About Vaccine Approval
  • Integrating IoT and Sensors To Improve Infrastructure Management Systems

    When paired with AI/ML, the data provided by IoT devices and sensors offer insights on the status and condition of assets while enhancing utility, efficiency, and resiliency.

    About IoT and Sensors
  • Interoperability Can Unlock the Future of Healthcare

    Healthcare systems require seamless data flow, visibility, and agility in communication.

    About Interoperability for Health
  • The Time to Get Ahead of Telehealth Fraud and Abuse is Now

    The pandemic illustrated telehealth’s importance for our healthcare system but payers must get ahead of fraud and abuse issues to make telehealth effective.

    About Telehealth
25 years

CMS 25 Year Anniversary

Ryan Loving

Ryan Loving

Vice President, Business Development Meet Ryan

Ryan Loving

Vice President, Business Development

As a U.S. Army veteran and executive leader with 20 years of industry experience, Ryan brings a disciplined approach to business development, coupled with project delivery expertise, to drive market growth.

Zaki Saleh Headshot

Zaki Saleh

Sr. Vice President, Health & Civilian Market Meet Zaki

Zaki Saleh

Sr. Vice President, Health & Civilian Market

Zaki Saleh leads LMI’s health & civilian market, where he is responsible for profit and loss management and business growth, overseeing project delivery, execution, and overall customer satisfaction as well as the business development function.

Joseph Niehaus

Joseph Niehaus

Sr. Vice President, Logistics Meet Joe

Joseph Niehaus

Sr. Vice President, Logistics

Joe leads a diverse organization of logistics consultants developing and delivering advanced logistics solutions in acquisition and sustainment; infrastructure, energy, and environment; and supply chain management.

Christine Cocrane Headshot

Christine Cocrane

Sr. Vice President, Management Advisory Services Meet Christine

Christine Cocrane

Sr. Vice President, Management Advisory Services

Christine (Chrissy) leads a diverse practice of human, programmatic, scientific, and technological management consulting professionals.