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Defense Modernization

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    Press Release

    LMI Acquires JJR Solutions, Expands Technology Modernization Capabilities

    LMI, a provider of technology-enabled management consulting, logistics, and digital and analytics solutions to the U.S. government, announced its acquisition of JJR Solutions, a business rooted in military service that is working to improve the nation’s health and security through user experience and technology solutions. 

  • Raymond Compton
    Our Team

    Raymond Compton

    Ray Compton, a retired U.S. Army colonel, joined LMI in 2019 and serves as a principal for National Security Science & Technology, supporting internal and external LMI stakeholders in the strategic development of integrated solutions for capability gaps in national defense.

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    Culture News

    Addressing Complex Problems

    During his 30-year tenure at LMI, Bruce Kaplan has used his expertise in defense logistics and research and development to help LMI and its clients succeed. With a strong commitment to innovation and exceeding customer expectations, Bruce has led efforts to modernize logistics through finding, developing, and pushing pioneering technologies. Learn about Bruce’s role as a logistics strategy and integration fellow and his plans to continue making a positive difference at LMI.

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    Aspiration to Operation: LMI's Four Key Concepts to Convert Next-Generation, Service-Specific Doctrines into Overwhelming Joint Force Combat Power in the Indo-Pacific

    Learn about LMI’s paradigm-shifting vision and how we are already advancing it in partnership with DoD.