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    Press Release

    LMI Acquires JJR Solutions, Expands Technology Modernization Capabilities

    LMI, a provider of technology-enabled management consulting, logistics, and digital and analytics solutions to the U.S. government, announced its acquisition of JJR Solutions, a business rooted in military service that is working to improve the nation’s health and security through user experience and technology solutions. 

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    Ranger™ Framework: Exploring with Ranger™

    Ranger™ is a deconstructed agile framework designed for the development of quick (~45 business day) prototypes and research projects. It best serves efforts around feasibility rather than perfect implementation. 

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    LMI Forge™ Technology Studio: People

    Built on an iterative model for rapid problem-solving and an innovation ecosystem of strategic and technical partnerships, the Forge™ empowers employees to create prototypes that push the boundaries of possibility and redefine mission capability.

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    What We Do

    Performance Optimization

    At LMI, we’re creating innovative solutions to transform emerging needs into extraordinary outcomes at The New Speed of Possible™. 

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    Effective Property Tracking Improves Audit Results

    In keeping with the principles of LMI’s performance optimization line of business, our teams of subject matter experts optimize key controls for consistent, compliant, and effective operations. LMI leverages considerable experience across DoD in optimizing and updating internal controls and remediating audit findings to work with organizations.

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    Federating Data Management Through Data Mesh

    Shifting towards a Data Mesh implementation is as much, if not more, of a people and process transformation as a technology transformation.

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    What We Do

    Change Management

    For federal agencies to become more agile and responsive to mission needs, enterprise-wide change is often required. To support this transformation, LMI built an organizational change management (OCM) model to assess an agency’s operating environment, identify priorities, and furnish strategies that facilitate effective adoption.

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Business & Digital Transformation

    LMI takes customers on a tailored digital transformation journey, ranging from small digital enhancements to enterprise-wide transformations. 

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    About LMI

    Combining a legacy of federal expertise with an innovation ecosystem, we minimize time to value and accelerate mission success. With an emphasis on agile development and human-centered design, we enable agencies to experience solutions faster and conquer their toughest challenges sooner.