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The New Speed of Possible™

When exceptional challenges require exceptional capabilities, delivering meaningful outcomes is as much about the right tech as it is about the right time.

At LMI, we’re creating innovative solutions to transform emerging needs into extraordinary impacts at The New Speed of Possible™. Combining a legacy of federal expertise with an innovation ecosystem, we minimize time to value and accelerate mission success. With an emphasis on agile development and human-centered design, we enable agencies to experience solutions faster and conquer their toughest challenges sooner.

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The Rapid Analysis and Prototyping Toolkit for Resiliency (RAPTR™) provides an extensible, scalable architecture for modeling, simulation, analysis, and visualization for the space warfighting domain as well as cross-domain integration. 

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Innovation at the Pace of Need™


LMI's LIGER™ (LMI Instruction-tuned GEnerative Resource) effort outlines a research and development strategy to develop and deploy compute-accessible LLMs and integrate them with domain-relevant solutions that respect data privacy and satisfy known customer challenges.

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Innovation at the Pace of Need™

Talent Ignite™

Talent Ignite™ is an artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) powered talent management application with a suite of interoperable modules for deployment separately or in any combination to augment your human resource (HR) or talent management systems. 

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Risk Management & Decision Intelligence

LogSmart™ Supply

LogSmart™ Supply is a supply chain risk management and decision intelligence solution that gives decisionmakers powerful tools to run custom risk scenarios against their organizations’ supply chain data. Powered by machine learning, and vetted by LMI’s long-standing government customers, LogSmart™ Supply offers the industry's most complete insight into the negative impacts of supply chain risk. 

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LogSmart™ Fleet

Using predictive analytics and expert knowledge, LogSmart™ Fleet leverages available enterprise data and existing data analytics environments to create a holistic, precise, common picture of fleet health and performance. This intuitive tool offers tailorable, actionable insight into asset availability, management, and maintenance, and supplies visibility of current and potential situations.  

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Innovation at the Pace of Need™

LMI-Curated manifestDB Data

LMI-curated manifestDB data has been structured and stored to ensure maximum utility and is optimized to leverage the Beacon™ data management and analytics platform. 

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Innovation at the Pace of Need™

Beacon™: Data Management and Analytics Platform

Beacon™ enables data scientists and consumers to discover, manage, and use data sets for analytics in a shared space. 

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OrgIQ Cyber

OrgIQ™: Solving Workforce Challenges

LMI has developed an innovative workforce tool that helps identify organizational pain points and identify future challenges without extensive, drawn-out data collection processes.  

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OpenPolicy™: Knowledge Drives the Search

LMI’s OpenPolicy™ is a semantic tool that examines scores of documents simultaneously using subject-specific thesauri of key terms, synonyms, acronyms, and other related terms and phrases. This enhanced vocabulary-based semantic search capability pinpoints relevant paragraphs and highlights information across databases. 

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Inventory Management Tools

Our independent research and development efforts have produced tools that have become the standard for supply chain management and logistics analytics. These tools, unique in the industry, enable companies to spend scarce logistics resources more efficiently.  

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Tech Data

tDNA™ Building the Digital Enterprise for Next-Generation Sustainment

Our Technical DNA (tDNA™) approach combines digital engineering, lifecycle management, supply chain risk management, and intellectual property (IP) management to ensure that the modern sustainer has the right data at the right time at the right price. 

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Forge™ Technology Studio

Leveraging agile methods and human-centered design, the Forge™ empowers us to deliver technology solutions rapidly. 

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