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Contested Logistics

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  • logistics
    What We Do

    Lifecycle Management & Modernization

    LMI’s logistics management and modernization methods have improved customer outcomes for over 60 years by optimizing lifecycle system performance, affordability, and sustainment. 

  • Naval ship
    What We Do

    Contested Logistics Decision Dominance

    Leveraging DoD data, LMI’s technology accelerator, the Forge™, uses agile methods and human-centered design to rapidly create solutions like our Contested Logistics Engine and Logistics Awareness Artificial Intelligence (AI) Simulation prototype for dynamic logistics planning in contested environments. 

  • military supply
    What We Do

    DARPA LogX

    The DARPA LogX program examines the resiliency of the global supply chain via data disruptions and various modeling approaches. 

  • Military logistics

    Logistics Decision Dominance

    Now is the time to turn significant attention and resources to maintaining our logistics advantage.

  • soldier in a warzone
    What We Do


    LMI’s highly qualified wargaming expertise and extensive knowledge of the future operating environment furnishes the subject matter expertise for planning, executing, and after-action support of joint, combatant command, service, and other wargames.