LMI has supported the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) LogX program as its trusted test and evaluation team by assessing software performance against realistic logistics problems. The DARPA LogX program examines the resiliency of the global supply chain via data disruptions and various modeling approaches. The Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Logistics Enterprise, spanning supply chain and logistics operations, supports mustering, transporting, and sustaining military power anywhere in the world at a high level of readiness. However, to maximize success in the increasingly contested global security environment, the logistics enterprise needs to continually change how it operates. 

Leveraging intelligence across domains dynamically and automatically, DARPA LogX provides mission partners across DoD with timely, comprehensive, context-relevant information for efficient operations through more informed decision-making, reducing risk to mission success. LMI leads in defining, replicating, and exploring logistics information challenges to evaluate prototype success. When creating our framework, LMI developed an experimental data environment with government and commercial sources, created and integrated scenarios, and evaluated vendor technologies for accuracy and efficiency. In today’s rapidly changing world, LMI’s next-generation strategy integrates our core logistics domain experience with advanced analytics for an unparalleled innovation approach. 

The DARPA LogX program develops and demonstrates software for real-time logistics and supply chain system situational awareness (diagnosis), future state prediction (prognosis), and assessment of resilience at unprecedented scale and speed. This program works alongside logistics information systems for enhanced decision-making, rather than duplication of effort across the enterprise. 

This project brings DoD closer to effectively realizing benefits of software-defined networks, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, secure boundaryless collaboration, and smart data encryption. The DARPA LogX program lays the groundwork for these emerging technologies and LMI facilitates its success in execution from start to final project transition. 

Shannon Walsh Headshot

Shannon Walsh

Program Manager, Special Programs

Shannon Walsh

Program Manager, Special Programs

Shannon Walsh has been with LMI for three years, serving as a project manager and capability lead for logistics and technology concepts in Defense Special Programs.


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