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    Press Release

    LMI Extends Support to USPS Corporate Sustainability and Energy Initiatives

    LMI will recommend strategies to support program and policy development, research and analysis, enterprise data management, corporate solutions and reporting, and strategic and national-level planning.

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    Press Release

    LMI and TCS Uncover Climate Risks to F-35, Announce Enhanced Climanomics Platform

    Coastal flooding, temperature extremes, and storm damage could significantly disrupt the availability of facilities supporting the F-35 weapon system over the next 30 years, according to a joint analysis by LMI and The Climate Service (TCS).

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    Press Release

    LMI Selected to Support the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy

    LMI will support the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy by furnishing strategic planning, analysis, programming, and functional energy expertise. This award represents LMI’s first contract with this organization since the operational energy and installation energy offices and roles were combined.

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    Our Team

    Virginia Culpepper

    Virginia Culpepper supports LMI’s Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment capabilities as a sustainability consultant.

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    What We Do


    LMI adapts industry-leading approaches to customers’ unique mission needs. We support energy, sustainability, and climate resilience efforts with customizable analysis and reporting tools. 

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    What We Do

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    LMI helps customers make better risk management decisions through IoT technologies and toolkits using near-real-time analytical data. 

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    Who We Are

    Sustainability at LMI

    LMI understands the growing recognition that every business needs to be sustainable. We're acutely aware of humans' impacts on the planet, increased pressure from stakeholders to address climate change and other anthropomorphic impacts, and the understanding that the long-term viability of humanity depends on the availability of finite and fragile natural resources.

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    Climate Barriers to Achieving Health Equity

    The continued rise of average global temperatures is heightening health disparities across the nation. Inconsistencies in urban development and planning hinder health equity efforts, as areas lacking funds for green spaces experience more severe impacts of climate change. 

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    LMI Workshop Highlights Data-Driven Resiliency

    "Analytics for Resilience: Infrastructure, Supply Chain, and Climate" attracted a cross-section of federal managers.