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    Press Release

    LMI Acquires JJR Solutions, Expands Technology Modernization Capabilities

    LMI, a provider of technology-enabled management consulting, logistics, and digital and analytics solutions to the U.S. government, announced its acquisition of JJR Solutions, a business rooted in military service that is working to improve the nation’s health and security through user experience and technology solutions. 

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    Our Team

    Marlise Streitmatter

    Marlise leads LMI’s new normal practice, helping federal agencies transition to hybrid and remote operational models, integrate virtual technologies, and train supervisors to manage a highly engaged distributed workforce.

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    An Agile Framework for Research and Development

    LMI developed an agile framework for research and development that encourages the creation of rapid prototypes based on Innovation and crowdsourced ideas. 

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Three Considerations for VA and DHA Digital Transformation

    The transformation will improve organizations and patient outcomes. LMI experts have been strategic partners throughout other large-scale digital transformations and offer insights to help these projects succeed. 

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    The New Speed of Possible™

    Featured Solutions

    We’re creating innovative solutions to transform emerging needs into extraordinary impacts at The New Speed of Possible™.

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    About LMI

    Combining a legacy of federal expertise with an innovation ecosystem, we minimize time to value and accelerate mission success. With an emphasis on agile development and human-centered design, we enable agencies to experience solutions faster and conquer their toughest challenges sooner. 

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    What I’ve Learned About Accessibility

    This year’s theme for National Disability Employment Awareness Month is “Increasing Access and Opportunity.” Natalie Lieberman discusses our approach to remediation and accessibility as part of our work for federal customers.

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    How We Innovate

    Operating in an innovation ecosystem, we combine market-leading technical resources, strategic partnerships, and agile development capabilities to accelerate mission success. 

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    Who We Serve


    LMI’s space market provides technical solutions as a trusted partner in the national security space industry.