Work-Life Wellness


Being a well-rounded, happy, and productive employee isn’t just about the work you do and the pay and benefits you receive. It’s about your whole life, in and out of work. For LMI, it’s about providing a stronger foundation in a number of ways to strengthen our employees’ support system and a greater edge for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. By offering an array of initiatives and programs that rank among the best in the area, our employees can focus on being their best selves.

Social Events and Sport Clubs

Our social and sport activities include an annual family picnic in the summer; a holiday party during the winter season; LMIQ, our charity trivia event; and a number of employer- and employee-sponsored events and activities, including a golf league, softball team, bike-riding club, ski club, and 3-mile walk/run each spring and autumn.

Affinity Groups | Connection with Diversity

Diversity fosters innovation, advances creativity, improves and enhances employee culture, and brings variety in thought and performance to those we serve. We are better when we are inclusive of the collective differences we each bring to bear.

LMI is a strong advocate for every unique and diverse voice at our collective table. We know this is what makes us better. Yet we recognize the need to feel a sense of belonging. This is often how we feel most connected—through inclusion.

We nurture our diverse communities through employee affinity groups designed to provide support, professional development, mentoring, networking, and connectedness.

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LMI Serves

Corporate citizenship is deeply embedded into the culture of LMI and has been for decades. We are purpose-driven and mission-focused and that permeates our social and charitable priorities. At LMI, we are committed to building the military community workforce of the future through education, training, and mentorship initiatives.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

LMI employees have access to a variety of money-saving services through Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Recognition Awards

Our people are our greatest asset. It’s important that we recognize their hard work and talent with meaningful programs. A few ways include an annual gala to celebrate the most significant efforts of the year with awards based on our core values: Leadership, Mission, and Innovation. We also commemorate dedication and cumulative achievements with length-of-service awards. 

Family Matters @LMI 

This program allows eligible employees to suspend full-time work for up to one year for child rearing, elder care, or to care for immediate family members. When ready to return to work, a participating employee will be reinstated to his or her job or a similar position, subject to business conditions.

Employee Assistance Program

We offer a confidential employee assistance program through a specialty provider for help with personal, professional, financial, and legal concerns that may affect employees’ well-being or their job performance. 

Annual Health Fair and Flu Shots

Each year LMI sponsors a health fair at its Tysons location, offering an array of preventive screenings, educational health information, healthy cooking demonstrations, and other valuable resources. We also offer free annual flu shots for employees and their family members.

LMI Health Fair