Jessica Wingfield

Senior Consultant, Organizational Change Management

Jessica Wingfield

Jessica Wingfield brings over a decade of experience helping customers navigate change through creative solutions that address complex challenges. Her experience focuses in the areas of strategic change, human-centered design, customer experience, and organizational development. A “dot connector” by trade, Jessica is highly skilled at distinguishing patterns in complex environments and applies agile, data-driven solutions to address the human factors affecting an organization's ability to reach its strategic objectives.

Among her accomplishments, Jessica has designed and implemented organizational changes in the private and public sectors, directed leadership development workshops, expanded customer experience management programs across multiple governmental agencies, implemented an information sharing and collaboration hub for the Department of State, and guided strategic change and communications for financial and regulatory clients.

Her strengths and experience as an empathetic leader and systems thinker blend with a strong passion for developing others, and a voracious appetite for learning. Jessica earned bachelor’s degrees in political science and international relations from Virginia Commonwealth University. She will complete her master’s in education and human development from George Washington University in summer 2023.