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The complexities associated with supporting current defense and future military concepts require holistic and visionary insights that bring the most operationally effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions to complex problems. 

Leveraging data and advanced analytics, we increase readiness, reduce costs, and drive new innovations in people, process, and technology solutions. As industry-leading experts with roots in government and military, we are dedicated to advancing the management of government and providing critical operational and mission support through research, future-focused logistics, advanced analytics, digital services, and management and advisory strategies. 

  • Innovation at the Pace of Need™


    LMI's LIGER™ (LMI Instruction-tuned GEnerative Resource) effort outlines a research and development strategy to develop and deploy compute-accessible LLMs and integrate them with domain-relevant solutions that respect data privacy and satisfy known customer challenges.

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  • Solutions

    LogSmart™ Supply

    LogSmart™ Supply empowers decision makers to boost supply chain resiliency by providing the most complete insights into the risks and opportunities present in the supply chains you depend on. 

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  • What We Do


    The Rapid Analysis and Prototyping Toolkit for Resiliency (RAPTR™) provides an extensible, scalable architecture for modeling, simulation, analysis, and visualization for the space warfighting domain as well as cross-domain integration. 

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  • Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Talent Ignite™

    Talent Ignite™ is an artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) powered talent management application with a suite of interoperable modules for deployment separately or in any combination to augment your human resource (HR) or talent management systems. 

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Jonathan Baba Headshot

Jonathan Baba

Sr. Vice President, Defense Market 703-917-9800

Jonathan Baba

Sr. Vice President, Defense Market

Jon Baba leads LMI’s defense market, where he is responsible for fostering customer and partner relationships, managing profit and loss, acquiring new business, and championing LMI’s strategic plan, vision, and goals.

Karen Goodson Headshot

Karen Goodson

Vice President, Department of Army Submarket 571-633-7821

Karen Goodson

Vice President, Department of Army Submarket

Karen is responsible for executing the mission and growing the scope of LMI’s U.S. Army submarket. She began her career in consulting at LMI in 2001 after serving as an ordnance officer in the U.S. Army.