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As a technical solutions provider and trusted partner in the national security space industry, LMI’s space market provides modern, proprietary software solutions to organize, educate, train, and equip future space warfighters to understand the battlefield and make key decisions with confidence, speed, and clarity.

The Rapid Analysis and Prototyping Toolkit for Resiliency (RAPTR™) is LMI’s flagship model-based system engineering simulation and analysis toolkit trusted within the National Security Space industry. RAPTR™ provides an extensible, scalable architecture for modeling, simulation, analysis, and visualization for the space warfighting domain as well as cross-domain integration.


Intuitive graphical user interfaces and streamlined workflows combined with advanced 2D/3D visualizations allow users to focus on the data they need to perform their mission faster and smarter. The complete offering includes extensive subject matter expertise and big data analytics to enable on-orbit decisions at the strategic to tactical levels with speed, agility, and accuracy. 

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  • Doug Wagoner

    “To help our customers innovate at the pace of need, one must understand all discrete and interdependent operational domains from the sea floor and sea surface to ground, air, cyber, and space.”

    Doug Wagoner 



LMI’s space market provides technical solutions as a trusted partner in the national security space industry. 

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