Call on Your Coach to Help You and Your Team Navigate These Challenging Times

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Emotions are contagious and a leader’s emotions can affect their team. As difficult as the last few year’s upheaval in work and home life have been, being a positive leader will help others catch your attitude and follow your lead. For help bolstering your positive leadership presence and resilience, call on a coach for support.

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Leadership coaching sessions allow you to privately sort through your concerns, express and release fears and worries, expand your perspectives, and reexamine your thinking to inform how you plan and apply learning. Coaching sessions can help you build resilience and self-management skills to position you optimally to navigate the current challenging times. This can strengthen your resilience muscles and support your sustainment over time, both as an individual and as a leader of others.

Ways Your Coach Can Support You

  • A key component of resilience is social support. Coaching provides that to leaders who may not have a wide range of social support because they can’t openly share their concerns with their team, their peers, and sometimes even their bosses.
  • When you’re under pressure to make decisions, having a coach can help you consider others’ perspectives and the desired positive impact you want to have on them.
  • Thinking outside the box can solve problems, but it requires creativity and innovation, which may not come naturally to everyone, or at least not under duress. A coach can help you tap into your creativity and innovation by asking powerful questions and helping you see things from different angles and perspectives.
  • A coach can serve as a sounding board to clarify the messaging you deliver and the tone you deliver it with. An overwhelmed or anxious tone can have a ripple effect. Showing and modeling understanding, empathy, and flexibility can go a long way to calming and reassuring staff.
  • During times like this, self-care is extremely important, yet it may be the last thing on a leader’s mind or list of things to accomplish. Coaching can help you to remember that if you don’t take good care of yourself, you may not be able to take good care of others.

Teleworking And Managing A Virtual Team

Providing customized strategies to establish and manage boundaries for both you and your remote team members while teleworking is all part of coaching support. Some things your coach can help you think through include:

  • Expanding your perspective about how work gets done so you can continue to advance the mission with your team as best as possible.
  • Revamping meeting design, staff engagement, team cohesion, and opportunities for team development.
  • Remaining focused, motivated, and accountable while navigating new barriers and addressing new obstacles.
  • Dealing with tough conversations and supporting your team in an anxious climate.
  • Increasing self-awareness of your own challenges and identifying new mindsets and practices to manage more effectively.
  • Taking on increased stress in the system to provide top coverage for staff so that they can focus on execution.
  • Connecting with staff in meaningful ways and keeping a finger on the pulse of the team to provide the right amount of support.

Individual Coaching And Team Coaching

LMI’s one-on-one coaching can help you as an individual leader, and our team coaching can guide your leadership teams through new mediums and challenges, to collectively advance the organization. It can help the leadership team to build cohesion across the team when many are feeling disconnected. Team coaching can also help team members increase empathy toward others. During times of stress, when people are working hard and putting in extra hours to get everything in place, conflict can prevent teams from successfully navigating challenges. Team coaching for leaders and staff members can help refocus everyone on productive ways to work together, support each other, think creatively, and innovate when it’s needed most. So, if you have an LMI coach, tap into that resource now. Or, if you’d like coaching for yourself or your team, contact us today.

Coaching sessions can help you build resilience and self-management skills to position you optimally to navigate the current challenging times.