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Employee Spotlight: Karen LeDoux

We sat down with Karen LeDoux, Vice President of Military Health & VA. Read on to learn about her experience with LMI.

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What are you responsible for at LMI?

I lead LMI’s military health and veterans affairs programs.  

How long have you been with LMI?

15 years

How long were you in the United States Army?

35 years

What was your role/MOS?

Army logistician. My general officer assignments included the following:

  • Commanding general, 103rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, Des Moines, Iowa  
  • Commanding general, 94th Training Division (Sustainment), Fort Lee, VA  
  • Dual hatted as commanding general of Army Materiel Command–Southwest Asia and Third Army/Army Central (ARCENT) G-4 
  • Commanding general, 88th Regional Support Command. 

Of your many accomplishments of serving as a leader in the United States Army, what makes you the most proud?

I’m proudest of building teams and communicating a vision focused on supporting and facilitating warfighter requirements, such as activating the Expeditionary Support Command and preparing for deployment; initiating a nationwide training command for logistics military occupational specialty reclassification; executing retrograde operations from Iraq and surge into Afghanistan; and building, communicating, and executing the vision that U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) regional support commands are readiness enablers for the operational Army.

I have also received the following awards during my tenure in the Army:

  • 2012 Department of the Army (DA) Lean Six Sigma Enterprise Project Sponsor Award (ARCENT) 
  • 2013 and 2015 DA Community of Excellence Award (USAR category) 

What attracted you to/made you want to work for LMI after serving our country for so many years?

Through continued service, I wanted to enable others to achieve success in service to their country.

What synergies do you see between LMI and the way the Army operates?

Our employees want to make a difference for the success of their client.

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Karen LeDoux

Vice President, Military Health & VA Meet Karen

Karen LeDoux

Vice President, Military Health & VA

Karen LeDoux, a retired Army Major General, currently serves as the vice president of Military Health and Veterans Affairs.