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LMI was key in supporting the whole-of-government approach to the National COVID-19 Response, now institutionalized as the HHS Coordination Operations and Response Element. 

LMI is committed to the mission of its customers. Our talented, experienced, and adaptable subject matter experts provide a unique combination of skillsets, including technical, programmatic, clinical, and supply chain expertise to support new or emerging challenges to our nation. During the COVID-19 national emergency, LMI provided direct operational, strategic, and technical support to meet public health needs; served in pivotal support advisory roles; and assisted the Department of Defense with the national response. 

Karen LeDoux Headshot

Karen LeDoux

Vice President, Military Health & VA 703-917-7584

Karen LeDoux

Vice President, Military Health & VA

Karen LeDoux, a retired Army Major General, currently serves as the vice president of Military Health and Veterans Affairs.

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