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Employee Spotlight: Meet Ray Compton

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What are you responsible for as a principal at LMI?

As a principal for science and technology, I support internal and external LMI stakeholders in the strategic development of science and technology integrated solutions for capability gaps to meet stakeholder requirements.

How long were you in the United States Army and what was your MOS?

I was in the Army for 30 years. I began my career as a signal officer and transitioned to the Army Acquisition Corps. I worked in all aspects of the acquisition lifecycle, ranging from research and development to production of complex systems supporting our national defense. I also managed one of the largest Army Acquisition Category (ACAT) ID, multibillion-dollar programs, supplying the newest digital communications to all Army units worldwide. I ended my military journey as the chief of staff (CoS) of Combat Capability Development Command (CCDC).

Of your many accomplishments of serving as a leader in the United States Army, what makes you the most proud?

My greatest success came from serving as CoS of CCDC. During these three years (2016–2019), I led a great staff through one of the largest command moves from Army Materiel Command to Army Futures Command and helped shape the processes and structures of the newly formed CCDC and its effort to modernize the Army for the future.

What synergies do you see between LMI and the way the Army operates?

As the Army’s cross-functional teams find solutions to gaps in our current forces, LMI brings together experts to analyze and address complex problems to deliver integrated solutions.

Raymond Compton

Raymond Compton

Fellow, Solutions Architecture Meet Raymond

Raymond Compton

Fellow, Solutions Architecture

Ray Compton, a retired U.S. Army colonel, joined LMI in 2019 and serves as a principal for National Security Science & Technology, supporting internal and external LMI stakeholders in the strategic development of integrated solutions for capability gaps in national defense.

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