LMI Experts Champion Digital Engineering for Defense Sustainment

Bruce Kaplan Logistics, DoD Supply Chain, Data Science & Engineering

For the Department of Defense, enterprise-wide implementation of digital engineering techniques would lower costs, increase weapon systems’ mission-capable rates and afford flexibility in fleet modernization.

In an op-ed for C4ISRNET published Wednesday, February 3, 2021, LMI’s Ben Kassel and Bruce Kaplan propose ways to accelerate adoption of these techniques, which hinges on the availability of 3D, model-based technical data.

"Today’s sustainment practices too closely resemble those of 30 years ago, not what they should be 30 years from now," they write. "We’re already playing catch up. It’s time to view sustainment with 3D glasses."

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Bruce Kaplan

Fellow Emeritus, Logistics Strategy and Integration Meet Bruce

Bruce Kaplan

Fellow Emeritus, Logistics Strategy and Integration

With more than 35 years of experience in program management, source selection, information systems requirements and tools, and supply chain logistics, Bruce is one of LMI’s leading innovators and solution architects. He focuses on processes and technologies that cross organizational and functional boundaries to improve customer outcomes.

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Our Technical DNA (tDNA™) approach combines digital engineering, lifecycle management, supply chain risk management, and intellectual property management to ensure that the modern sustainer has the right data at the right time at the right price. 

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