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LMI’s DEIA Maturity Model Helps Organizations Build on Strengths, Improve Weaknesses

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At LMI, we know that complicated topics are best addressed by honoring complexity, instead of trying to erase it. That was our approach when we built our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Maturity Model.

Rather than simplifying DEIA to a one-size-fits-all, “diversity is good, and your organization is doing great/badly” paradigm, we built a system that digs into specific, deliberately chosen dimensions of DEIA. We knew our customers wanted a nuanced view of what’s going well, what’s not working, and where their efforts would be most impactful.

Assessments provide customers with real, actionable insights into their growth, stagnation, excellence, or trouble areas.

The DEIA Maturity Model is used by our human capital management experts to assess the current state of DEIA within your organization according to representation, opportunity, and buy-in. We examine your organization’s maturity on each individual parameter, combining existing customer data with optional surveys and additional internal and external human capital-related data streams. The resulting Maturity Model assessments provide customers with real, actionable insights into their growth, stagnation, excellence, or trouble areas. Customers then use these assessments to get a baseline of where they are now and measure progress against DEIA benchmarks over time.

In addition to our DEIA Maturity Model, we also combine our specialized maturity assessment with an array of human capital optimization tools, techniques, approaches, and processes to turn our customers’ insights into actionable plans, and those plans into results.

We believe the two most vital steps to success are: aim high and take the shot. To make sure our Maturity Model actually helps organizations mature, we made it aspirational. Compliance isn’t the goal here—it’s just a step on the way to integrating DEIA ideas into everyday life. The Maturity Model, and the work that comes afterward, will make the path toward our customers’ goals clear and easy to follow—no matter where they start.

We know that sometimes the hardest part of meeting an admirable goal is getting started. That’s why we clearly link the outcomes from our Maturity Model assessment to real solutions, and why we partner with our customers for any part of the process where they’d like our support.

We invite you to leverage our six decades of experience solving the federal government’s toughest challenges, including human capital management, in moving your organization toward its fullest potential. Visit Human Capital Analytics & the Workforce of the Future to learn more.

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Melissa Kepler

Senior Consultant, Management Advisory Services Meet Mel

Melissa Kepler

Senior Consultant, Management Advisory Services

Mel leads the talent development and engagement practice, helping LMI clients and internal teams with a wide range of workforce initiatives. Her specialties include leadership development, employee engagement, training development and execution, cultural assessment and strategy, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility principles.