LMI helps customers identify best practices, develop and implement telehealth policies and operations, and ensure improved access to care, reduce costs, and enhance outcomes.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted telehealth’s important role in providing access to healthcare services. However, even before the pandemic, telehealth services and technology had facilitated a vital delivery system linkage for remote and underserved areas. For nearly three decades, our team has been supporting programs, like Medicare, that reimburse for telehealth services. 

Zaki Saleh Headshot

Zaki Saleh

Sr. Vice President, Health & Civilian Market (571) 633-7780

Zaki Saleh

Sr. Vice President, Health & Civilian Market

Zaki Saleh leads LMI’s health & civilian market, where he is responsible for profit and loss management and business growth, overseeing project delivery, execution, and overall customer satisfaction as well as the business development function.

Health & Civilian

Our subject matter experts and advisors have a broad knowledge base across the spectrum of federal health and civilian agencies to enable excellence in execution that transcends boundaries. 

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