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Questions & Answers

The registration deadline is September 29, 2023. To be officially registered, all team must submit a complete list of team members and their contact information. Each registration must also include a completed executive summary that outlines the Teams’ selected health equity issue, planned AI solution, and accompanying AI adoption/change management strategy.

Teams are free to use any open source data, and/or approved non-public data sources, that they identify. A list of preliminary data sources can be found on the Challenge Resources page. For any non-public data sources, please email the Data Entrepreneurship Challenge admin team for approval before using the data source for solutioning.

We recommend a simple interface along with high fidelity mockups if the team is building an app, website, etc.

No. Each team can decide how to manage speaking roles for their final presentation. While everyone is not require to present, you are encouraged to make sure that each area in the evaluation criteria is adequately represented.

**This page will be updated regularly to document answers to questions raised by teams throughout the challenge.

If you have any additional questions, please email the Data Entrepreneurship Challenge admin team.