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Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility

  • To be eligible to win a prize in the Data Entrepreneurship Challenge, a group or individual must: 
    • Register to participate in the Challenge under the appropriate timelines and guidelines set out by the Challenge. 
    • Be an individual or part of a group of 2-4 individuals that make up a single team. We encourage people to work in teams to provide a diversity of perspectives and expertise to the challenge. Teams larger than 4 individuals will not be permitted. Prizes are given per person in the winning teams, so the size of the team does not determine the payout available to the winners. 
    • Include at least one current University of Virginia student. Students can be from any school, program, or level. Multiple students may work together in a single group. A group with at least one student can include member(s) from the broader community.  

2. Submission

  • Submissions should include the registration and final presentation materials outlined on the About the Challenge tab. All materials are required in order to be formally considered. 

3. Prize payment

  • Challenge winners will be issued payment directly from the University of Virginia after prizes have been announced. 

4. Intellectual Property

  • The School of Data Science and LMI are committed to openness and transparency in ideas and technology. All teams are free to discuss their ideas with other parties and entrants and are encouraged to collaborate with each other as appropriate. By participating in the Challenge, each entrant allows LMI and UVA to reproduce, publish, post, and display publicly the submission title, headline, executive summary, and other non-protected submission content on the web or elsewhere, in perpetuity. Entrants must clearly delineate any protected IP and/or confidential information that is brought to the challenge and included in the submission so that it can be treated as a proprietary element of the solution.
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