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Empowering Government with Generative AI: Large Language Models for Public Service

Innovation at the Pace of Need™, Artificial Intelligence

Please join us for LMI’s workshop, Empowering Government with Generative AI: Large Language Models for Public Service. The event will bring together senior leaders from the Government, Academia, and Industry. Throughout the workshop, we will have insightful keynote speakers, expert panels, and practical use cases, providing valuable insights into the potential of generative AI and how to apply this technology in government settings. It's an excellent opportunity to explore innovative solutions without overwhelming hype. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Please note that attendance to this workshop is open to government civil servants only.

Date: Tuesday, September 5th, 2023  
Time: 9:00–12:30 ET  
Location: LMI Conference Center, 1 A/B North  
Address: 7940 Jones Branch Drive, Tysons, VA 22102  
Dress code: Duty Uniform (Military), Business Casual (Civilian)

If you would like to attend virtually, please register here: 

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Abstract: Join us at LMI's transformative workshop, where we are dedicated to empowering government leaders to harness the full potential of generative AI. Our goal is to make these cutting-edge solutions easily understandable, enabling government leaders to leverage them confidently and proactively. Through this workshop, we'll demystify generative AI technologies, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding and practical insights to apply these powerful tools in the public sector. Don't miss this opportunity to embrace the future of government work with clarity and confidence.

Our Keynote, BG Jasper Jeffers III (Deputy Director for Special Operations and Counter-Terrorism, J-3, Joint Staff), will share his expertise and vision on generative AI. These discussions will allow participants to explore critical considerations surrounding use case selection, implementation, and risks & mitigation strategies.

Topics covered in this workshop include an overview of generative AI, its underlying principles, and practical applications for generative AI within government. In addition to providing participants with an understanding of the terminology and key concepts related to generative AI, the workshop will also feature a thought-provoking panel discussion that delves into the risks and benefits of generative AI in the public sector, fostering an open dialogue on responsible deployment and barriers to adoption.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with operational generative AI solutions through interactive demos, providing tangible insights and practical examples for potential use cases.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding the integration and deployment of generative AI technologies in the public sector. The goal is to empower attendees to leverage the potential of generative AI while being mindful of the associated ethical considerations and risk mitigation strategies.