Explore Forge™ prototypes that are shaping the nation of next.

  • wearables

    Wearables Integrated Sensors Platform (WISP): A virtual proving ground for driving decisions on sensors

    The proliferation of the internet of things, wearables, and other related devices has resulted in a complex ecosystem of technologies, infrastructure, data, and use cases. LMI’s Forge™ has developed a digital solution as a virtual proving ground for asking “What if?” to drive decisions on sensors and their contributions to mission success. 

  • beacon

    Beacon™: The cloud-based collaborative workspace every team needs

    The Beacon™ platform manages and delivers repeatable data and analytic solutions via a single application. 

  • LogSmart

    LogSmart™ Supply: When the stakes are high, turn risk data into decisive action

    LogSmart™ Supply is a supply chain risk management and decision intelligence solution, giving decision makers powerful tools to run custom risk scenarios against their organizations’ supply chain data. Powered by machine learning, and vetted by LMI’s long-standing government customers, LogSmart™ Supply offers the industry's most complete insight into the negative impacts of supply chain risk. When the stakes are high, turn risk data into decisive action. 

  • digital tanks

    LogSmart™ Fleet: Maximizing assets across fleets

    Using predictive analytics and expert knowledge, LogSmart™ Fleet leverages enterprise data and data analytics environments to create a holistic, precise, common picture of fleet health and performance. For decision makers who operate large, complex fleets of high-value mobile or fixed assets, this intuitive tool offers tailorable, actionable insight into availability, management, and maintenance, and supplies visibility of current and potential situations.  

  • web of people icons connected

    Talent Ignite™: Putting employees in the drivers' seat of development

    The Talent Ignite™ application’s personalized profile for each employee suggests training, events, and networking opportunities. Employees’ engagement with their organization increases, promoting their development, fostering stronger social ties at work, and boosting cross-collaboration. 

  • Total Readiness Solutions

    Total Readiness Solutions: Quicker decisions from better correlations

    LMI’s Total Readiness Solutions inform the optimal placement of people and supplies for any modeled scenario for all branches of service. This powerful tool illuminates dependencies among people, installations, and supply. 

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Get in Touch with the Forge™ Team