LMI-Curated manifestDB Data

LMI-curated manifestDB data has been structured and stored to ensure maximum utility and is optimized to leverage the Beacon™ data management and analytics platform.

LMI-curated manifestDB data contains world trade data for over 45 countries,
including the United States, as well as more than
4,200 ports worldwide. The data
also includes United States customs data for more than 200 countries and 2,000 ports.

The data has been structured and stored to ensure maximum utility and is optimized to leverage Beacon™, LMI's innovative platform designed to manage and deliver cutting edge analysis and data solutions. The manifestDB data has been configured to contain additional data fields that assist with analysis and integration, such as country name, year, and direction (import/export), for seamless integration into project and product workflows and for analysis. LMI-curated manifestDB data is ready for use on day one.

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LMI leverages more than 60 years of experience to guide how data should be structured to deliver value to clients, enable growth and transformation, enhance operational readiness and resiliency, and ensure mission success.

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Four additional fields were added to manifestDB data during onboarding to ensure maximum utility and compatibility with other datasets and projects.

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LMI uses best-in-class storage practices paired with expert maintenance to ensure all data is ready for efficient transfer using Beacon™ and for immediate use. Primary key constraints and indexes were added to the ID columns of each manifestDB data set. Additionally, B-tree indexes were added to all numeric, date, and potential bucket columns, such as year.

Data Stats and Coverage:

Total Data Size: 172 GBs

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dotted lines representing global imports and exports

Pricing (effective Jan 1, 2022 through Dec 31, 2022)*


Details Years


2022 Data Total with 2022 Data
World Trade Database Exports and Imports 2015-2021


$4,233 $19,046
USA Customs Imports 2013-2021


$5,160 $23,216
USA Customs Exports 2016-2021


$3,903 $17,561

Dataset Total



$13,296 $59,823

*Dataset prices exclude any applicable taxes

About Beacon™

Beacon™ allows data scientists and consumers to discover, manage, and use data sets for analytics in a shared space. It automates how users find and aggregate data sets, collaborate to create data science models and algorithms, and build visualizations and applications for customer use. Teams work with complex data sets securely, customize roles and permissions, and connect to data using third-party tools.

  • Data Catalog. Beacon™ can share the entire data assets of an organization, including synchronization with metadata, data profiling,  data  dictionaries,  and  data  usage  and  license  agreements.  Partner programs can enable automatic discovery of new data sources. 
  • Model Development and Analytics. Beacon™ offers a one-stop location for accessing data and facilitating model development, version control, collaboration, monitoring, and auditing. Users can develop, train, test, and deploy models. Beacon™ serves as a platform for deploying out-of-the-box analytic tools in addition to preparing and analyzing unstructured data.

  • Iris. Users can structure unstructured data and run further analysis on their results. Iris enables a deeper dive into data—with rapid, enterprise-scale pattern recognition of large data sets before visualization of data patterns for quick consumption and actionable responses. Operating in the cloud saves space on individual devices so users can work on other tasks simultaneously. The Beacon™ model development and analytics platform can then use Iris data outputs for additional data analysis.

  • Collaboration. Beacon™ tracks user tags, ratings, reviews, and comments; assigns roles and permissions to users who choose to receive email and in-app notifications of data sets; and customizes dashboards to group or project specifications.

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