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Emerging Issues and Opportunities of the Genomic Data Revolution

May 15, 2018

Data & Analytics, Healthcare Management, Lifecycle Management & Modernization

Now is the time to get your organization ready for the genomic data revolution. From government agencies to the private sector, from healthcare to technology, and everything in between, all organizations need to be prepared for upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Data analytics and the healthcare industry are both changing dramatically due to three scientific and technological leaps:

  • Scientists mapped the human genome and are now correlating genetic bio-markers with diseases.
  • Most hospitals have at least a basic system for digitizing patient health data.
  • Our ability to process massive amounts of data keeps growing exponentially.

While the potential of these trends seems huge, they open a whole new world of challenges. Whether your organization focuses on healthcare, technology, data analysis, or something else entirely, now is the time to think about how your teams should tackle these challenges.

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