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Accelerate Supply Chain Decision-Making with a New, Proactive Approach

January 18, 2023


The old way of supply chain management is no longer viable: China dominates the global advanced battery supply chain and manufactures 80% of the world's cobalt and 60% of its lithium. The risk to U.S. supply chains increases as our nation becomes more reliant on other countries to produce critical materials. Taking swift action to mitigate supply chain risk is mission critical. 

Download this white paper to explore your supply chain’s biggest threats (and how to mitigate them) including: 

  • Foreign ownership, control, or influence (FOCI)
  • Cybercrime
  • Policy and regulatory issues
  • Operational challenges
  • Transportation 
  • Parts-related risk

The stakes are high. You need more supply chain visibility. See how LogSmart™ Supply activates your supply chain vendor illumination data to drive faster, more informed decision-making.

Download the White Paper

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LogSmart™ Supply

LogSmart™ Supply empowers decision makers to boost supply chain resiliency by providing the most complete insights into the risks and opportunities present in the supply chains you depend on. 

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