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LMI Selected to Support GSA’s OFM’s Energy Division and Climate and Sustainability Division through Renewable Energy BPA

Jessica Cumby

October 27, 2021

Lifecycle Management & Modernization, Logistics, Civilian

Tysons, Va. – LMI announced today it will provide subject matter expertise and program management services for the GSA Public Buildings Service (PBS) Office of Facilities Management (OFM) Energy Division and Climate and Sustainability Division. In addition to OFM’s sustainability program, OFM’s Energy Division comprises nine program areas: regulated energy procurement, deregulated energy procurement, renewable energy procurement, energy savings performance contracts, utility energy service contracts, oversight of the output of onsite and offsite renewable energy generation systems, energy audits, tracking of energy and water conservation measures, and demand response. OFM’s Energy Division procures regulated and deregulated energy for over 40 agencies and for GSA facilities under its jurisdiction, custody, and control.

LMI will help meet GSA’s goal of committing to 100% renewable electricity by 2025, 100% carbon pollution free electricity by 2030, 100% 24/7 carbon pollution free electricity by 2035, the requirements and goals in the Energy Act of 2020, and Executive Orders (EOs) 13990 and 14008 as well as other anticipated legislation and EOs establishing bold sustainability, climate change mitigation and resilience, energy, and environmental justice goals for the GSA.

“For 60 years, LMI has partnered with the government to achieve major breakthroughs, as envisioned in the memorandum that proposed our establishment. We believe that government can drive breakthroughs to mitigate climate change, and we are honored to support GSA in leading this effort for the nation’s largest property owner,” said Christen Smith, LMI’s vice president of the Health and Civilian Market. “LMI has long been committed to helping the government understand and address climate change, including through more than a decade of sustainability support to PBS, and we look forward to continuing this commitment and partnership with OFM.”  

This was a single award to LMI, furthering its continued support within GSA’s Energy group and highlighting its services and solutions related to the sustainability and renewable energy initiatives that will be required over the next five years.

Developing GSA’s National Renewable Energy Strategy and Roadmap to meet 100% renewable electricity by 2025 will be a core and early aspect of this project for LMI. LMI will work with GSA PBS and the Energy Division to identify the most suitable geographic locations and markets for offsite renewable energy generation or renewable offerings based on GSA’s inventory of facilities, while identifying the most suitable buildings under GSA’s jurisdiction, custody, and control for onsite renewable energy generation projects.

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