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LMI to Support Modernization at GSA’s Public Buildings Service

December 3, 2020

Tysons, Va. – LMI, in partnership with Tiber Creek Consulting, will support digital transformation at the U.S. General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service (GSA PBS), the nation’s largest public real estate organization. Leveraging open source and cloud technologies, LMI will develop an online portal as the one-stop shop for applications that GSA PBS employees nationwide use to manage, lease, and maintain buildings for tenant agencies. The $20 million contract has a five-year performance period.

“This portal is a significant step toward making organizational data more accessible, enabling GSA PBS employees to perform their daily responsibilities with greater efficiency, transparency, and collaboration. This will benefit GSA as well as the civilian federal agencies that rely on it to meet their workspace needs as they serve the American people,” said Josh Wilson, LMI’s vice president of digital and analytic solutions. “We are excited to contribute our capabilities and expertise to GSA’s growth as a digital organization.”

The portal is part of modernization efforts to create an intuitive, mobile-enabled user experience for GSA PBS employees and tenant agencies. One initial component would allow building managers to complete inspections and make them available to tenants through a shared module. Additional functionality will support lease management and real estate inventory and management across GSA’s property portfolios.

Jeff Wehner, director of LMI’s civilian market, said, “This support is a testament to years of trusted partnership and our shared commitment to fostering future-ready, high-performing government services. We look forward to working alongside our partners to advise GSA PBS on its digital transformation journey.”

LMI has supported GSA’s operations for over a decade. In August, LMI recognized its rent-billing team for outstanding customer support to GSA PBS as part of its internal Luminary Awards program. The San Antonio-based team processed more than 9,600 rent bills in 2019, achieving 100% compliance in turnaround time with 99.9% accuracy.

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