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Pandemic Response Support

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  • COVID-19 and Supply Chain Resilience: What’s Next?
    White Paper

    COVID-19 and Supply Chain Resilience: What’s Next?

    LMI hosted the Potomac Officers Club event, Supply Chain Resilience and COVID-19: What’s Next? on June 11, 2020. Government leaders and logistics experts discussed the pre-COVID-19 supply chain, effects from COVID-19, and investment areas for resilience. This paper summarizes poll data collected from audience members as well as insights from the panel.

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    Press Release

    LMI Awarded Larger Role Supporting Defense Acquisition and Sustainment

    LMI will support defense officials who oversee acquisition, capability development, and lifecycle support of critical weapons systems. 

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    How the FDA Can Improve the Vaccine Approval Process

    We can apply the lessons from the COVID pandemic to vaccine and treatment submissions moving forward. Here’s how. 

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    Our Team

    Scott Ritzel

    Scott, a retired Air Force colonel with over 30 years of logistics experience, served in the maintenance career field supporting a diverse portfolio, including fighters, bombers, rotary wing, conventional and nuclear munitions, and ground-based space systems.

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    Planning for Vaccine Distribution in 6 Key Areas

    COVID-19 has made clear that preparing for pandemics is a critical public health challenge. Here’s what leaders can do now to improve vaccination efforts. 

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    Government Property Management

    The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of meticulous government property management. 

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    Pandemic Response Support

    Resources To Navigate the Age of COVID-19

    Visit our resource center for the latest information and insights to help our federal clients navigate the age of COVID-19.

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    Using AI To Improve Hazard Response

    AI/ML acts as a force multiplier, amplifying the quality of results fed into the decision-making process, ultimately saving valuable time. 

  • What the U.S. Must Do Now To Avoid the Next Pandemic

    What the U.S. Must Do Now To Avoid the Next Pandemic

    COVID-19 is not the first pandemic the United States has faced, but it may be the one that teaches us some very modern lessons about public trust, our surveillance networks, and effective response management. Here’s what the U.S. can learn from past pandemics and COVID-19 to ensure an effective response to the next pandemic.