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Human Capital Analytics & The Workforce of the Future

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    Forge™ Tech Showcase & Human Capital Analytics Workshop

    Thursday, November 2nd, 2023  

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    What We Do

    Human Capital Analytics & the Workforce of the Future

    Leveraging technology, psychology, and organizational design to find, attract, and retain the right people for your missions. 

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    Our Team

    Marlise Streitmatter

    Marlise leads LMI’s new normal practice, helping federal agencies transition to hybrid and remote operational models, integrate virtual technologies, and train supervisors to manage a highly engaged distributed workforce.

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    Skills-Based Analytics Transform Hiring and Talent Management

    As an internal research and development project, LMI created the Human Capital Data Analytics platform to tackle the skills-forward nature of today’s hiring, retention, and resource allocation challenges. 

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    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Talent Ignite™

    Talent Ignite™ is an artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) powered talent management application with a suite of interoperable modules for deployment separately or in any combination to augment your human resource (HR) or talent management systems. 

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    What We Do

    Performance Optimization

    At LMI, we’re creating innovative solutions to transform emerging needs into extraordinary outcomes at The New Speed of Possible™. 

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    Performance Optimization: Integrated Solutions that Power Your Organization

    At LMI, we meet customers where they are in their performance optimization journey, tailoring technology-agnostic options for customers based on their needs. We focus on unlocking people’s full potential and using readily accessible data and technology to position organizations for long-term sustainability.