To truly optimize performance, organizations must focus on three main components: maximizing the productivity and potential of the workforce, building agility into business functions and processes, and constantly assessing the landscape and changing environments to drive impactful organizational transformations for business outcomes. 

At LMI, we meet customers where they are in their performance optimization journey, tailoring technology-agnostic options for customers based on their needs. We focus on unlocking people’s full potential and using readily accessible data and technology to position organizations for long-term sustainability. 

What sets LMI’s approach to performance optimization apart? 

LMI offers a systematic, data-driven approach to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability in organizations, maximizing workforce productivity and building agility into business functions and processes. We customize our approach to meet the unique demands of every organization, ensuring the effectiveness and enduring quality of our solutions, ultimately facilitating the right cultural shifts to improve decision-making and operational agility. Our Performance Accelerator Platform encompasses the full suite of our repeatable and proven performance optimization solutions to meet the pace of need.

How does LMI simplify performance optimization?

The ever-changing mission landscape, dynamic business environments, resource constraints, and myriad of goals of organizations make performance optimization challenging. To simplify the process, LMI elevates organizational performance to new heights through our three solution sets—workforce evolution, business modernization, and organizational transformation—with options for standalone or integrated execution, depending on an organization’s needs.


Organizational Transformation


Business Modernization


Workforce Evolution


LMI architects, plans, and implements complex, initiative-driven transformations, organization-wide, with a tiger team approach. This effort includes multimedia communication strategies, bringing the entire workforce along for the journey, as well as the tools, data, and insights to drive continuous organizational improvement.​



  • Subject matter and functional experts free to spend most of their time applying their unique strengths, expertise, and skill set to the challenges closest to the mission​
  • Priorities driven by customers, users, or beneficiaries of the program​
  • Understanding for each member about how their work impacts the mission and adds value for delivery​
  • An adaptive, responsive, collaborative, and lean culture​
  • Clear lines of authority, enabling the organization to accelerate value for delivery​
  • Data and insights for leaders to inform data-driven decisions
  • The right data readily accessible to leadership and individual contributors


LMI’s business modernization solution leverages business process improvement, digital product innovation, and adaptive business operations capabilities alongside cutting-edge tools and technology, enabling customers to thrive in a dynamic and increasingly digital landscape.




  • Improved mission delivery outcomes
    • Operational efficiency and cost savings through process improvement
    • Change and adoption readiness for the workforce and customers
    • Accelerated feedback loops through agile prototyping
  • Optimized and efficient back-office functions to enable mission delivery
    • Business operations resilience in dynamic environments (technology, funding, etc.)
    • Employee productivity and satisfaction
  • More effective and proactive performance management
    • Culture of continuous improvement and innovation
    • Increased transparency and data-driven decision-making across the enterprise


LMI’s approach to workforce evolution fuses human capital expertise with innovation and technology to improve the employee experience, empower employee impact, and optimize talent across the lifecycle. LMI enhances and accelerates workforce evolution through agile mindsets and method alongside digitally enabled tools.




  • Elevated employee experience 
    • Increased employee retention
    • Increased employee attraction
  • Greater employee impact
    • Increased innovation
    • Increased productivity
    • Agile and adaptive workforce
  • Optimized talent
    • Reduced costs and better resource allocation
    • The right people with the right skills for the right work

Our mission is simple—build high-performing organizations through three components: 

  • Maximizing the productivity and potential of the workforce.
  • Building agility into business functions and processes. 
  • Using organizational transformation and digital enablement to ignite innovation, accelerate value for delivery, and foster a culture that attracts top talent.

All organizations work toward performance optimization, whether through the workforce or business operations, managing the complexities of the ever-changing environment. LMI’s comprehensive expertise holds the key to unlocking the full potential of how organizations operate and deliver value. 
Whether you are seeking an entire performance optimization transformation or looking to take smaller steps to achieve a broader goal, LMI uniquely meets your organization’s needs. Let LMI be your government organization’s guide through a transformative journey, equipping you with the tools, insights, and support you need to power The New Speed of Possible™. 

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Christine Cocrane

Sr. Vice President, Management and Transformation Solutions Meet Christine

Christine Cocrane

Sr. Vice President, Management and Transformation Solutions

Christine (Chrissy) leads a diverse practice of human, programmatic, scientific, and technological management consulting professionals.