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Workforce of the Future

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    The Benefits of Building a Diverse Workforce

    The future of business and government demands a greater emphasis on diversity in order to be competitive. While many organizations know that diversity is an extremely important asset to a business, it's even more important to look and why and how diversity impacts the workforce. How is your workplace hiring and empowering a diverse workforce, and how do you measure it?

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    Managing Up to Achieve Success for You, Your Supervisor, and Your Organization

    No matter your level, managing up is a soft skill that’s essential for getting things done, succeeding at your job, or getting promoted. Thousands of books have been written on this topic because our individual success not only depends on how well we do our jobs, or how we collaborate with our colleagues, or even how good we are at managing people under our own supervision, but also on how well we manage our relationships with the people above us. Easier said than done, right? That may be true, but there are several things you can do to help.

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    Performance Optimization: Integrated Solutions that Power Your Organization

    At LMI, we meet customers where they are in their performance optimization journey, tailoring technology-agnostic options for customers based on their needs. We focus on unlocking people’s full potential and using readily accessible data and technology to position organizations for long-term sustainability. 

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    What We Do

    Human Capital Analytics & the Workforce of the Future

    Leveraging technology, psychology, and organizational design to find, attract, and retain the right people for your missions. 

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    How Guided Conversations Can Help Leaders with Challenging Topics and Result in Positive Actions

    During difficult times, leaders must be front and center and address issues head-on to build organizational resilience. Staff members look to their leaders to show them how to navigate times of uncertainty and change. Being there for your staff members in challenging times is one of the most important things you can do to build team resilience and cohesiveness.

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    Our Team

    Shaye Brotherton

    Shaye Brotherton provides solution architect expertise across diverse LMI service lines, focusing on integration of disparate capabilities and innovation areas.

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    Skills-Based Analytics Transform Hiring and Talent Management

    As an internal research and development project, LMI created the Human Capital Data Analytics platform to tackle the skills-forward nature of today’s hiring, retention, and resource allocation challenges.