machine AI bot working with people in the office and production for industrial revolution and automation manufacturing process

Generative AI, Automation, Bots, and the need to ensure new technologies making today easier, aren’t adding to tomorrow’s risks!

Performance Optimization, Generative AI (Gen-AI), Artificial Intelligence, Continuous Process Improvement

Generative AI, robotic process automation (RPA) bots, and other automation technologies make everyday activities more efficient. From converting cups into liters while cooking to conducting repeatable transaction reviews, automation technologies save time and allow users to focus on more complex tasks. 

However, these technologies must be properly configured to track activity and store access logs. Even if your casserole is ready on time and your analysts can focus on complex reviews, your organization may be vulnerable to malware attack or audit findings. If realized, undoing the damage and regaining public trust could become a considerable burden.

Fortunately, regulatory requirements already exist that, if followed, can provide assurances and safeguard against these risks. Unfortunately, many service providers lack the functional subject matter expertise required to implement the necessary controls in their software. For example, LMI has frequently found that software implementers fail to configure their systems to comply with crucial internal control requirements that are designed to shield organizations from risk with appropriately tested security measures. 

Consistent with the approaches we use in our performance optimization line of business, LMI’s audit preparation and remediation approaches account for the requirements provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies’ Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM). Our approaches also comply with National Archives and Records Administration requirements regarding logs and records retention. As a result, we can help any government organization select and oversee software providers to implement technology responsibly and according to regulations. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be as much help with your casserole!

Need help ensuring compliance with FISCAM requirements? Have general questions about our proven process? Please contact LMI’s Program Planning & Investment Management subservice line vice president, Mark McAlister; Financial Operations and Accountability practice area lead, Brad Hallman; or senior subject matter experts, Debra Dunn and Nichole Thompson.