People Powering Possible™

Built on an iterative model for rapid problem-solving and an innovation ecosystem of strategic and technical partnerships, the Forge™ empowers employees to create prototypes that push the boundaries of possibility and redefine mission capability. The Forge™ team accelerates technology innovation.

  • Sarah Tricano

    Sarah Tricano, Product Design Team Lead

    At the Forge™, Sarah leads the product design team, integrating user research and design into the rapid innovation and prototyping process. Using her more than two decades of design experience, Sarah Tricano advocates passionately for users, bringing features through an end-to-end process.

  • jessica forge

    Jessica Garcia, Full-Stack Developer

    Jessica Garcia brings over 15 years of experience in applications development. As a full-stack developer, she supports innovation development for the Forge™. 

  • travis forge

    Travis Hite, Lead Product Owner

    Travis Hite has over 15 years of experience driving research and innovation across federal government, industry, and academia. Travis has led teams in horizon scanning, technology investment, rapid prototyping, strategy development, and more. 

  • connie forge

    Connie Tan, Product Designer

    Connie Tan is a project designer for the Forge™ with a background in human-computer interaction design and graphics design. Prior to joining LMI, Connie worked as a UX design intern at Chegg, graphic designer at Mindgrub, and research assistant at Indiana University Bloomington. She is passionate about designing tailored and innovative solutions for customers. 

  • omar_forge

    Omar Lake, Product Manager

    Omar Lake has over 10 years of experience with product management. He is passionate about transforming business needs into efficient solutions. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he earned dual bachelor’s degrees in computer science and cognitive science with an emphasis on computers. 

  • kayla forge

    Kaye Brown, Product Designer

    Kaye Brown, a product designer, uses her expertise in digital content and high-fidelity prototypes to increase the functionality and usability of Forge™ products. A double graduate of Winthrop University, she earned a bachelor's in integrated marketing communication and a master’s in business administration with a concentration in marketing. She has over 5 years of experience in graphic design, project management, and digital content management. 

  • Joseph forge

    Joseph Norton, PhD, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

    Dr. Joseph Norton is an analytics and IT professional with over a decade of experience in end-to-end solution development, computational sciences, advanced analytics, data management, enterprise architecture, systems engineering, and business strategy. 

Get in Touch with the Forge™ Team

Get in Touch with the Forge™ Team