2021 Impact Report: 60 Years of Impact Through Innovation

A Message from Doug Wagoner

This has been an extraordinary year for LMI. I am immensely proud of our LMIers and their dedication to continually improving our organization, bringing game-changing insights that achieve our customers’ missions, and showing up for each other every day.

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decorativeOur values of leadership, mission focus, and innovation are infused in the work we do each day and distinguish LMI's culture.

2021 Overview

Our 60th year of service to the federal government was marked by growth, innovation, and excellence in support of an expanding list of key customers. Despite continued uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic, LMI remained a trusted partner to existing customers while fostering new relationships with federal and industry partners. Underscoring LMI’s ability to deliver forward-thinking solutions to our customers, we were awarded several key contracts in 2021, representing new business, expanded opportunities, and successful recompetes.

A uniformed medic giving an injection to another member of the military

Serving the Army

LMI secured a 3-year, $211 million Army Data and Analytics Platforms (ARDAP) contract for program management, business transformation, technical, and professional advisory services. This significant recompete award resulted from over 2 decades of excellent performance and innovative problem-solving for ARDAP and aligns with LMI’s focus on digital enablement for federal agencies.

Protecting Our Health and Safety

Growing our presence in the federal health & civilian market, LMI was awarded a 2-year, $24 million contract to support the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response’s Countermeasures Acceleration Group. LMI provides subject matter expertise in biomedical engineering, medical logistics and supply chain operations, supply chain risk and resilience, stockpile management, and organizational and policy strategy to accelerate the development, production, and distribution of effective vaccines and therapeutics to counter COVID-19 and future pandemics.

Impact Report 2021 - U.S. Border Patrol's Program Management Office Directorate

Strengthening Cybersecurity for Defense Healthcare

In recognition of our expertise in supporting defense and federal healthcare as well as our cybersecurity capabilities, the United States Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA) increased LMI’s support for its healthcare device cybersecurity initiatives. LMI’s expanded USAMMA support team obtained Authorization to Operate for several critical healthcare devices and systems. In addition, LMI’s support expanded in clinical laboratory equipment assessment at fixed facilities, with LMI assessing eight military treatment facilities. LMI’s assistance to the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity for a major enterprise-wide logistics system migration shows promising initial results.

Delivering Award-Winning Solutions

Our perfect recompete win ratio is just one reflection of the impact our employees have in helping our customers achieve mission success. For example, our team supporting the U.S. Border Patrol Program Management Office Directorate (PMOD) has received “excellent” contract performance ratings consistently, and Marcus Miniear, LMI senior consultant and real estate specialist, was named the Fiscal Year 2021 Contractor of the Year. In addition, the U.S. Postal Service recognized LMI’s excellent performance by rewarding our LMI team with a Supplier Performance Award for Supplier Excellence. LMI fellow and Intelligence and National Security Alliance award finalist Dr. Shanmuga Sozhamannan has been recognized by several leaders in DoD for leading interagency efforts to identify, test, and validate rapid COVID-19 tests—work with an impact far beyond the federal government.

Our customers were not the only ones to recognize LMI’s commitment to excellence—our employees did as well. From employee feedback, LMI was named a Top Workplace by The Washington Post; we received the highest scores among the over 3,000 companies invited to participate.

Growing Capabilities and Deepening Partnerships

LMI expanded its service offerings through the acquisition of Suntiva, a digitally based business transformation company with a primary footprint in the public health and defense markets. The acquisition strengthened LMI’s digital and workforce solution offerings while furnishing new customer access in public health and defense, particularly the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Agriculture, the Defense Information Systems Agency, and the U.S. Army. With the acquisition, LMI’s total staff grew approximately 14% compared to 2020. 

LMI also enhanced partnerships across academia and the government consulting communities. In March, the LMI Research Institute (LRI) expanded our long-standing partnership with Howard University, bringing the number of full academic and research partners to five. In spring 2022, LMI will fund Howard University graduate and undergraduate students and professors to support two LRI research efforts: the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Opportunity Metric and Assessment tool and the Genetic Sequence Data Analyses project. For the 16th year, we supported Howard University’s MBA Exclusive event, a multi-day business workshop and business case competition featuring dozens of Howard MBA students, faculty, and guest speakers.

Building Stronger Teams Through Diversity

In alignment with our commitment to DEIA, a vital component of our growth strategy, LMI launched a mentor-protégé program to offer opportunities to companies led by women, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities. Through this program, LMI entered new mentor-protégé agreements with Constant Associates, Garud Technology Services, and Washington Business Dynamics. We offer developmental assistance to our protégés, including training, business development, financial, and administrative assistance, while stimulating internal growth and innovative insights. LMI also ensures that our academic partnerships reflect our commitment to DEIA; over 30% of our academic working relationships are with minority institutions and historically Black colleges and universities.  Finally, for the first time in LMI's history, senior leadership compensation was tied in part to achieving DEIA goals, demonstrating that successful leadership at this company requires more than just meeting financial benchmarks.

LMI’s growth and accomplishments this year are a direct result of the excellence, dedication, and resilience of our employees. For over 6 decades, the federal government has benefited from LMI’s expertise, a proud legacy sure to continue decades into the future. 

“I believe the more diversity you have around the table when you’re trying to solve a problem, the better that solution is likely to be, and the faster you’re likely to come to it.”


— Sharon Hays, chief technology officer

By the Numbers


"Our sustained growth in revenue and bookings over the last five years, coupled with our perfect recompete ratio, reflect the excellence of our LMI colleagues and the positive impact they have on their customers."

— Tamara Jack, chief financial officer, corporate secretary & treasurer