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LMI Supports ODASD(MR) Efforts to Lower Costs and Improve Warfighter Readiness through Innovation

Robin Milton

March 29, 2022

Data & Analytics, Sustainability, Logistics

Tysons, Va. — LMI announced today that it will provide industrial base assessments, data analytics, and policy and resource management services to assist the Department of Defense (DoD) in meeting materiel readiness requirements across its complex sustainment enterprise. The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Materiel Readiness (ODASD[MR]) awarded LMI a contract to sharpen the focus on structuring worldwide DoD sustainment operations to support with smaller footprints, less overhead, and lower costs. ODASD(MR) offers DoD-level maintenance policy and materiel readiness management oversight for all weapon systems and military equipment maintenance programs and related resources.

LMI’s integrated portfolio of services will accelerate ODASD(MR)’s evolution toward a more data-centric organization for improved achievement of missions. This support includes business case analysis capabilities to assess industrial base infrastructure investment alternatives as well as approaches to develop and deliver sustainment technology solutions more quickly and effectively to the warfighter. LMI will drive the adoption of sustainment innovation to enhance materiel readiness through implementation of condition-based maintenance–plus, improved prognostics and diagnostics, better corrosion planning, and advanced technology, such as additive manufacturing (3D printing), robotics, and intermittence testing for electronics.

“LMI is honored to continue developing and applying world-class solutions and approaches to help ODASD(MR) solve the most complex logistics management challenges facing our nation.”

Pete Pflugrath, LMI’s senior vice president of markets & growth

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