Assessing & Anticipating Rapidly Evolving Capabilities

Through LMI’s development, assessment, and sustainment capabilities, our customers assess, test, integrate, and deploy emerging technologies with a comprehensive and repeatable process. Our approach simultaneously matures concepts of operations, sustainment, and technology. Harnessing these capabilities, our customers discover and mature solutions more quickly than through traditional acquisition processes. LMI tailors data-driven approaches to select, develop, and mature capabilities with simultaneous and integrated analytical, simulation, prototyping, demonstration, and transition activities.  

Our customers explore myriad capabilities while minimizing technical risks as well as costs. LMI employs a test-analyze-fix test approach. By demonstrating the value of new concepts, technologies, components, systems, and applications early in the development process, customers can allocate funding to those that best meet their unique requirements. This method validates designs and the feasibility of concepts, refines performance requirements, uncovers cost drivers, and obtains information on costs, integration challenges, and reliability and sustainability issues. Our customers engage with feedback throughout the process for continuous improvements. 

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Within the chief technology officer (CTO) group, LMI Forge™ leads the rapid building of prototypes; scaling solutions for production environments; and introducing emerging, enabling technologies for LMI and its customers. Drawn from across LMI’s fields of expertise, the Forge™ is a core group of technologists using agile methodologies and human-centered design to quickly provide tangible solutions to challenging government problems and explore market opportunities. With the ability to operate on very fast timelines, the Forge™ can respond to the problem, buy down risk, explore solution spaces, and deliver a feasible solution.   

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National Security, Science & Technology

LMI deploys experts in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defense and preparedness; life sciences and biosecurity; and program management to enhance mission effectiveness of clients conducting weapons of mass destruction (WMD) mitigation, global threat reduction, and non- and counter-proliferation activities. 

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