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Digital Twin Solutioning

LMI provides government agencies holistic, near-real-time operational support using digital twin technology to improve planning, and the development of policy, regulation, and law.

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The core foundation of our service and solution offerings stems from our deep experience with data insights, infrastructure migration, and application rationalization, and, most importantly, with enforcing necessary governance principles, standards, and reference models. Our key areas of focus include developing and deploying digital twins, enterprise architecture governance models, IT transformation, and disruptive innovation activities that leverage generative AI and machine learning. 

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Kristen Cheman

Sr. Vice President, Digital and Analytic Solutions 571-633-7959

Kristen Cheman

Sr. Vice President, Digital and Analytic Solutions

Kristen’s deep commitment to leadership and forward-leaning approach to developing our digital capabilities drives growth in the digital analytics space.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our approach to applied AI includes MLOps, the practice of integrating machine learning models into production environments in a streamlined and scalable way. 

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