Soldier in glasses of virtual reality. Military concept of the future.

Modeling & Simulation

LMI’s modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities evaluate and quantify changes to complex operations for uncertain future conditions. LMI employs discrete-event and agent-based model paradigms through robustly designed computational experiments in a simulation environment to predict effects of configurations on key metrics, uncover unintended consequences, and explore counterfactuals to prescriptively develop mitigation strategies or preventative process redesigns. Rigorous testing in a virtual laboratory reduces the risk of negative real-world consequences. 

Our efficient, cost-effective M&S capabilities tune and refine systems, proactively seeking the conditions and operational ranges for system failures—and how to appropriately respond—to achieve the best mission readiness and performance. LMI M&S offers tools and expertise to understand systems (e.g., inventory, supply chain, staffing, and maintenance) and how to best engineer performance for potential futures.