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Technology alone is not a complete technical solution. A true technical solution examines a problem as a whole and systematically addresses the right pieces, in the right way, to fix root causes instead of masking symptoms. A comprehensive technical solution considers mission, people, and processes first and then integrates the best-fit technologies to enhance user experience, increase agility, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. 

LMI combines hands-on expertise with existing and emerging technologies, our deep understanding of logistics processes and operations, and over 60 years of experience and partnership with the government for totally integrated technical solutions. We tailor our approach to evaluate, select, and integrate the right technologies (both new and existing implementations) with our customers’ unique mission, people, and processes. 

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Forge™ Technology Studio

Within the chief technology officer (CTO) group, LMI Forge™ leads the rapid building of prototypes; scaling solutions for production environments; and introducing emerging, enabling technologies for LMI and its customers. Drawn from across LMI’s fields of expertise, the Forge™ is a core group of technologists using agile methodologies and human-centered design to quickly provide tangible solutions to challenging government problems and explore market opportunities. With the ability to operate on very fast timelines, the Forge™ can respond to the problem, buy down risk, explore solution spaces, and deliver a feasible solution.    

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