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  • Medical Icons

    March: National Ethics Awareness Month and the Use of a Medicare Voluntary Advance Directive Framework

    Driving innovation for a better tomorrow, LMI offers advanced analytics and digital capabilities and a dedication to enhancing public health, making it a uniquely qualified choice to develop a Medicare Voluntary Advance Directive Framework. 

  • Jamechia D. Hoyle
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Meet Jamechia D. Hoyle

    LMI has by far been my favorite place to work. It is an amazing feeling to show up in the work environment as your “whole self.” I feel valued and a part of a culture that is not only committed to the mission, but also committed to the workforce. 

  • person holding a digital tablet with an overlay of a digital analytics dashboard
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Where Insight Meets Innovation

    Possibility starts with people. Our project teams push the boundaries of capability for our customers. We integrate extensive federal expertise with emerging technology experts to rapidly develop creative solutions. 

  • LMI's smart team
    Culture News

    Project Spotlight: DoD SMART Scholarship-for-Service Program

    The SMART team successfully distributed more than $170 million with 100% on-time payments to scholars and universities over the last four years.

  • Joseph Norton Headshot
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Meet Joe Norton

    As chief technology officer, Joe nurtures innovation through organizational culture and structure while allowing LMI to deliver scalable, repeatable, and robust solutions to our customers.

  • 3 people with an overlay of technology graphics

    Tips for Successful IT Adoption Management

    When it comes to transformation projects, the risk of failure falls between 70 to 95 percent. While the reasons for failure vary, the overarching challenge is related to people—and most IT deployments do not result in cost savings or improvements to the mission. 

  • A person in cameo with goggles reaches out toward a wall of data
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Accelerating Integrated Early Warning for DoD’s CBRN Defense

    LMI delivered a rapid capability prototype that emulates new CBRN detection technologies in operational environments.

  • digital flow chart

    Better Decisions with Analytical Hierarchy Process

    When decisions have a broad impact, decision makers often require input from program stakeholders, subject matter experts (SME), and end users. LMI helps agencies make gathering and analyzing that input repeatable and defendable. 

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    Effective Property Tracking Improves Audit Results

    In keeping with the principles of LMI’s performance optimization line of business, our teams of subject matter experts optimize key controls for consistent, compliant, and effective operations. LMI leverages considerable experience across DoD in optimizing and updating internal controls and remediating audit findings to work with organizations.

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