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    Using AI To Improve Hazard Response

    AI/ML acts as a force multiplier, amplifying the quality of results fed into the decision-making process, ultimately saving valuable time. 

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    Medical Countermeasures: Putting the Warfighter First

    As a principal technical advisor at LMI, Chris Badorrek serves as a site supervisor and an assay/analytics specialist and process advisor to the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Medical (JPEO CBRN Medical) at Fort Detrick. 

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    Enabling Disaster Preparedness in Global Health

    Nations and philanthropic organizations struggle to deal with a growing number of climatologically driven disasters. Transportation and distribution of critically needed supplies has become more of a challenge as many areas deal with aging infrastructure and roads that only exacerbate the problems when disaster strikes. Governments and institutions need predictive analysis to get ahead of the problem.

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    Trust and UI Design: The Heart of Human-AI Teaming

    As AI increasingly integrates into our daily routines, it does not just automate routine tasks; it collaborates with humans for decision-making and creative activities. This blog explores how to build trust in human-AI teams and considerations for the corresponding interfaces. 

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    Countering Threats through Innovative Synergies

    As a project leader at LMI, Joe Cartelli supports two Joint Enterprise Omnibus Program Engineering and Technical Support contracts by managing client relations and five delivery orders.

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    LMI Symposium Brings Together Customers Tackling Complex Problems

    Programs are finding innovative ways to streamline their acquisition and systems engineering strategies to compress schedules.

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    Better Decisions Leveraging Existing Data: LMI’s Approach to Evidence Act Evaluations

    LMI established and implemented tools and approaches to assist evaluations officers in scoring and selecting evaluation topics, creating annual evaluation plans, and executing discrete evaluations.

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    LMI Celebrates Veterans Day

    Veterans Day celebrates the service and sacrifice of all who have served in defense of our nation. This year, we asked LMIers what it means to them to be a veteran. Read on for their thoughts on the topic. 

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    Demystifying ChatGPT for Government Leaders

    Technologies work best when used as human-in-the-loop capabilities, with the model functioning as an accelerator.

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