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Engage with LMI thought leaders as they present timely insights, research and innovation, company news, culture stories, and perspectives on a variety of issues and topics.

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  • What the Government and Suppliers Can Do Now

    COVID-19: What Suppliers Can Do Now

    How to stay strategic as the pandemic’s ripple effect grows.

  • Headshot Corinne Tochman
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Meet Corinne Tochman

    "Innovation is always necessary to serve the customer because change is the only constant in life."

  • womens history month
    Culture News

    A WWII Woman Refugee’s Struggles and Achievements

    LMI's Tom Buonaugurio shares the story of his mother, a refugee in WWII who overcame great odds, immigrating to the U.S., where two of her sons and a grandson would eventually shake hands with U.S. presidents.

  • A landscape split in half with one side showing a lush field with a green tree in the center and the other half showing a cracked dry land with the tree gnarled and barren

    The Evolving National Security Landscape

    The U.S. national security establishment has produced several documents outlining the mounting risks from global climate change and environmental degradation. 

  • Medical professional using a digital tablet with overlay of medical and scale icons

    LMI’s Merrill Harmison on Health Equity and Accountable Care Organizations

    LMI provides strategic support to CMS to facilitate the implementation of the Medicare Shared Savings Program. This consists of overseeing and reviewing applications submitted by prospective Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and conducting ongoing monitoring and compliance checks for ACOs participating in the program. 

  • decorative

    Agile Project Scheduling: The LMI Way

    At LMI, we tailor agile frameworks to address your needs. Whether you are implementing a hybrid or traditional PMO schedule, LMI’s adaptable schedule processes will get you there. Through our performance optimization line of business, LMI uses agile scheduling to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations and operations.

  • Marshall Smith
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Meet Marshall Smith

    Leveraging his over 25 years of predictive analytics experience, Marshall’s focus includes developing innovative solutions for customers and offering his expertise to grow LMI’s predictive analytics capabilities. 

  • LogSmart™ Supply
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Turning Supply Chain Risks into Decisive Action

    LogSmart™ Supply offers the industry's most complete insight into the impacts of supply chain risks and mitigation strategies. Turn your risk data into decisive action. 

  • Colorful graphic with text that reads "National Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15"

    National Hispanic Heritage Month | Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation

     In this article, Judith Molina, LMI Senior Consultant, and Retired Navy Captain Roy Love share their stories of what this month means to them.

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