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  • Generative AI Renaissance
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Generative AI Renaissance

    The future has arrived in the form of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

  • Man standing in front of screen with a schedule
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Next-Level Program Management with Master Scheduling

    Advanced programs have diverse milestones and end goals. Executives require an abstract, high-level summary of these elements while analysts need concrete, actionable details. A well-engineered and tailored schedule enables all stakeholders to access the appropriate information to achieve mission success.

  • Commitment to a cure

    Three Ways ARPA-H Can Succeed as a New and Agile Organization

    The president’s budget calls for a DARPA-like organization for discovering the most innovative and effective treatments for major diseases.

  • Synthetic Data workshop drawing
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Toward a Comprehensive and Robust Synthetic Data Policy

    This workshop sought to broaden the conversation toward a comprehensive synthetic data policy that would advance, empower, and protect our government as synthetic data is increasingly used.

  • Digital data flow on road with motion blur to create vision of fast speed transfer .
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Three Considerations for VA and DHA Digital Transformation

    The transformation will improve organizations and patient outcomes. LMI experts have been strategic partners throughout other large-scale digital transformations and offer insights to help these projects succeed. 

  • A finger over a keyboard, reaching for a key labeled H2O with a water symbol

    Changes to Construction Permits for Projects near Bodies of Water

    If you have construction projects taking place near or in any bodies of water, you urgently need to evaluate your project plan. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced reauthorization of the Nationwide Permits (NWPs), which could impact construction projects in progress or soon to be underway.

  • Karen LeDoux Headshot
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Karen LeDoux

    We sat down with Karen LeDoux, Vice President of Military Health & VA. Read on to hear about her experience with LMI.

  • Marshall Smith
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Meet Marshall Smith

    Leveraging his over 25 years of predictive analytics experience, Marshall’s focus includes developing innovative solutions for customers and offering his expertise to grow LMI’s predictive analytics capabilities. 

  • Inventory Management

    Government Property Management

    The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of meticulous government property management. 

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