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Homeland Security Solutions

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    LMI's Digital Transformation

    Josh Wilson and Bettina Kolleda introduce LMI's Digital Transformation Initiative.

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    LMI’s Strategic Visualization

    LMI’s Strategic Visualization brings your ideas to life.

  • The New Speed of Possible™

    Forge™ Technology Studio

    Leveraging agile methods and human-centered design, the Forge™ empowers us to deliver technology solutions rapidly. 

    More About the Forge™
  • Solutions

    LogSmart™: The right logistics insights before you need them.

    LogSmart™ is a configurable suite of applications for increasing effectiveness and efficiency of logistics operations. 

    More About LogSmart™
  • What We Do

    Human Capital Analytics & the Workforce of the Future

    Leveraging technology, psychology, and organizational design to find, attract, and retain the right people for your missions. 

    More About Human Capital Solutions
  • Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    To Improve Federal Workplace Morale, Simple Civility Is Not Enough

    Building an inclusive, positive work environment that enables cohesion and collaboration requires not just civility, but “active” civility. 

    About Civility
  • Insights

    LMI Symposium Brings Together Customers Tackling Complex Problems

    Programs are finding innovative ways to streamline their acquisition and systems engineering strategies to compress schedules.

    About Our Symposium
  • Company News

    DHS’ Technological Transformation Must Be Data-Driven

    Tech alone isn’t enough: how data-driven methods lead to transformational success.

    About Data-Driven Transformations
  • Scott Recinos Headshot

    Scott Recinos

    Sr. Vice President, Homeland Security Market
  • Audra Upchurch

    Audra Upchurch

    Vice President, DHS Immigration Submarket
  • Melissa Wright Headshot

    Melissa Wright

    Vice President, DHS Non-Immigration Submarket
  • Gary Barber

    Gary Barber

    VP, CTO, Homeland Security Market
  • Photo of Robert Beach

    Robert Beach

    Vice President, Program Management
  • Terence Di Benigno

    Terence Di Benigno

    Principal, Business Development, Homeland Security Market
  • Phil Hassell

    Phil Hassell

    Principal, Business Development, Homeland Security Market
  • Keith Rodgers Headshot

    Keith Rodgers

    Sr. Vice President, Digital & Analytic Solutions
  • Christine Cocrane Headshot

    Christine Cocrane

    Sr. Vice President, Management and Transformation Solutions
  • Joseph Niehaus

    Joseph Niehaus

    Sr. Vice President, Logistics
  • Joseph Norton Headshot

    Dr. Joseph Norton

    Sr. Vice President, Chief Technology Officer