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LMI Migrating the Maintenance and Availability Data Warehouse to Advana

Robin Milton

December 13, 2021

Lifecycle Management & Modernization, Digital Solutions, Data & Analytics, Logistics, Performance Optimization, Homeland Security, Defense

Tysons, VA.—LMI has been awarded a 1-year, $1.5 million contract for a one-time data migration from the LMI-created Maintenance and Availability Data Warehouse (MADW) to the Advana Data Warehouse for the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. MADW contains availability, cost, inventory, and transactional data on nearly every weapon system and readiness reportable piece of equipment in the Department of Defense (DoD). With over 2.7 billion task-level transactional records and 500 million supply and materials requisition records, MADW aggregates data from 46 disparate data systems across DoD and the military services for visibility of the entire maintenance enterprise.

Advana—whose name blends the phrase “advancing analytics”—is a centralized data and analytics platform supplying DoD users with common business data, decision support analytics, and data tools. Adding MADW to the suite of Advana capabilities will create a centralized location for data analytics concerning acquisition and sustainment costs and outcomes, and support a larger MADW platform, ensuring consistent and reliable resourcing for MADW curation and development.

The migration will move MADW data, re-create LMI data pipelines in Advana, migrate and manage MADW user accounts, convert MADW dashboards from Tableau to Qlik, and replicate MADW in an environment where LMI can curate data and associate it with the LMI-MADW work breakdown structure. Most recently supporting the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Materiel Readiness, MADW has been instrumental in multiple awarded contracts across LMI.

Prior to MADW’s creation in 2005, billions of records had never been combined in a one-stop repository. Such a task required creating a common language for measuring availability of weapon systems, inventory, and costs as well as superordinate metrics to measure effectiveness and efficiency success in an organization. Backed by empirical data, MADW’s technical insights enable organizations to achieve target availability at the lowest maintenance cost possible for their weapon systems.

Of this award, Robert Lech, vice president of LMI’s defense and space market stated, “With MADW, LMI brings immense value to the Department of Defense. Having nearly 3 billion records in one place saves our clients valuable time and money, creating efficiencies throughout the federal government.”

Working collaboratively with DoD leadership, the military services, and the Advana team, MADW helps DoD and our nation’s 1.4 million service members achieve effectiveness and efficiencies for each military department. As MADW grows in capability and functionality in the Advana environment, the readiness of the military services remains the top priority.

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