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Employee Spotlight: Meet Corinne Tochman

Defense, Human Centered Design, Innovation at LMI, Management, Strategy & Transformation
Corinne Tochman Headshot

Why do you like working for LMI and your customer?

I like working for LMI due to the enthusiastic and inclusive culture, and the excellent opportunities LMI provides for education and professional growth. As a rather new LMI employee I was very impressed by the mentorship program (which I joined), and the various classes offered (including the in-person Human Centered Design I completed). Both the mentorship program and the Human Centered Design class not only educated me on LMI and business methodologies, etc.,  but they also gave me the opportunity to connect with some really wonderful LMI employees.  

I like working for the DoD, specifically the Army because I am a very patriotic person (I sing the national anthem at all kinds of events), and I believe in the mission of supporting the warfighter. I have had the pleasure for the last dozen years of working with some amazing active duty, veterans and civilians, etc. who have both mentored me and afforded me excellent work opportunities (such as becoming a certified business architect practitioner supporting the systems portfolio management and business architecture requirements for two large U.S. Army logistics systems valued at more than $2 billion dollars, and I have had the honor of creating virtual training environments and system-embedded distance learning modules for military operations, along with designing all kinds of graphic design materials).  

What parts of our mission do you connect with?

I connect with the idea of service and innovation as the two are intrinsically tied. Innovation is always necessary to serve the customer because change is the only constant in life and I have seen this on a personal level as I have been on this contract for over 12 years under different project managers, et., and often different projects requiring me to learn different skills and do different duties.

What aspect of your experience/expertise helps provide innovative solutions to customers?

My job on this contract has morphed from a curriculum developer/graphic designer (video producer) to now a certified business architect practitioner, and technical writer. I have learned to learn whatever is required to serve the customer. This includes skills that were outside my wheelhouse so to speak and sometimes outside my job description. For instance, I became a certified business architect practitioner in 2021 because it was needed on this contract and gave me a great opportunity to learn more. My attitude is one of gratitude and joy at expanding my knowledge. I am a much better writer, designer and now business architect than I was when I started on this contract because I am always happy to go where I am needed and learn more so I can serve the customer better.

Innovation is always necessary to serve the customer because change is the only constant in life.